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CEO and Founder of Pencils Advertising Agency, Mohammed has had a long, illustrious career in the Advertising and Marketing industry. After years of working for agencies in Dubai, Mohammed sake the opportunity to start local creative agency in Baghdad with international experienced team. Bringing 20 years of experience in Advertising, Marketing, technology, management and business to an emerging market. Mohammed oversees all agency activities and personally ensures that the best result are delivered to the clients. The production teams Mohammed Leads are as diverse as the needs of the clients from digital marketing to film production to signage and print managements and he thrives on ensuring our clients are consistently delighted by the work our agency produces.

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11th August 2023

b marketers

ملتقى الاول للمسوقين في العراق   في عالم من النجاح الا محدود حيث قوة التسويق تشكل الاساس اكتشف الامكانيات غير المستعملة...
9th February 2023

Event International Development Bank

Event International Development Bank  IDB جانب من تنظيم الجلسة الحوارية برجال الاعمال لمصرف التنمية الدولي بجهود كوادرنا المتميزة تم اعداد وتنظيم...
3rd October 2022

Mitsubishi Motor showroom

    The opening of the Mitsubishi Motor showroom   !الابداع والتجديد اساس نجاحنا بجهود شركة بينسلز تم تنظيم حفل افتتاح صالة عرض...
18th September 2022

Event Management

Event Management A group of videos of the latest work in the management of events, conferences, seminars and workshops implemented...

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