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Graduated from the American University in Lebanon with Graphic design degree, Mina is a multi-disciplined designer with experience in a range of different graphic design disciplines; Mina’s portfolio ranges diversely from digital to print design, conceptualizing, designing and creating artwork for print and web/digital resources like EDMs, campaigns, adverts, layouts, logos, info graphics, corporate stationery, brochures, invites, social media posts and broadcast graphic. Her work is characterised by a clear and clean visual style that creatively communicates ideas.

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3rd March 2024

Pencils Team

Success demands professionalism and teamwork. At Pencils Agency, we're united in our pursuit of excellence. 💼💪
3rd March 2024

pencils agency 360 services

With Pencils Advertising Agency, we meet all your needs from A to Z to achieve your goals with expertise. Our...
11th August 2023

b marketers

ملتقى الاول للمسوقين في العراق   في عالم من النجاح الا محدود حيث قوة التسويق تشكل الاساس اكتشف الامكانيات غير المستعملة...
9th February 2023

Event International Development Bank

Event International Development Bank  IDB جانب من تنظيم الجلسة الحوارية برجال الاعمال لمصرف التنمية الدولي بجهود كوادرنا المتميزة تم اعداد وتنظيم...

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