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Mohammed wazhah
Mohammed Wathah

Mohammed Joined Pencils after studying and working in Lebanon as A communication Specialist, He has more than 17 years 'PR experience in writing for recognised media, expertise in market research surveys and collecting opinion poll, his media contacts have rightly earned him a reputation as an exceptional Journalist. Mohammed has an acute understanding of the media landscape and the skills to create and sustain meaningful connections between brands and journalist. Mohammed has developed a deep understanding of the daily social issues in Iraq and he has a vast understanding of the economic movement.

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9th February 2023

Event International Development Bank

Event International Development Bank  IDB جانب من تنظيم الجلسة الحوارية برجال الاعمال لمصرف التنمية الدولي بجهود كوادرنا المتميزة تم اعداد وتنظيم...
3rd October 2022

Mitsubishi Motor showroom

    The opening of the Mitsubishi Motor showroom   !الابداع والتجديد اساس نجاحنا بجهود شركة بينسلز تم تنظيم حفل افتتاح صالة عرض...
18th September 2022

Event Management

Event Management A group of videos of the latest work in the management of events, conferences, seminars and workshops implemented...
14th August 2022

حمى القرم النزفية | (VHFs) WHO

حمى القرم النزفية Viral hemorrhagic fever (VHFs) حمى القرم الكونغو النزفية هو مرض واسع الانتشار يسببه فيروس تحمله حشرة القراد  شاهد...

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