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Walaa had a superstar career that most content writers in the region dream of. After completing university in English Literature, she landed her first full time job at an award winning agency in Dubai, Leo Burnett, led to promoting to more senior positions with world class media companies such as BBDO. Along with being a gifted writer, she's innately talented at slipping into someone else's shoes and talking their language. Her words are magical. She writes to connect. She knows how to capture the attention of targeted costumers and how to engage them, turn them in potential leads with just few words. With a senior leadership background in brand marketing, she understands how the right copy can build and transform a brand, and she knows how to set strategy and tell brand stories in a way that connects with costumers.

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3rd March 2024

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Success demands professionalism and teamwork. At Pencils Agency, we're united in our pursuit of excellence. 💼💪
3rd March 2024

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With Pencils Advertising Agency, we meet all your needs from A to Z to achieve your goals with expertise. Our...
11th August 2023

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ملتقى الاول للمسوقين في العراق   في عالم من النجاح الا محدود حيث قوة التسويق تشكل الاساس اكتشف الامكانيات غير المستعملة...

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