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Graduated from Baghdad University with Political Scince degree. Zeinab has a strong understanding of the Iraqi consumer landscape with experience in Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Consulting and Events. She specialises in client relations and leading the creative development of projects across multi clients from variety of industries. She makes it her mission to understand and support the execution of our client's business plans and sense and share ideas to grow revenue.

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3rd March 2024

Pencils Team

Success demands professionalism and teamwork. At Pencils Agency, we're united in our pursuit of excellence. 💼💪
3rd March 2024

pencils agency 360 services

With Pencils Advertising Agency, we meet all your needs from A to Z to achieve your goals with expertise. Our...
11th August 2023

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ملتقى الاول للمسوقين في العراق   في عالم من النجاح الا محدود حيث قوة التسويق تشكل الاساس اكتشف الامكانيات غير المستعملة...

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